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maristellee told me: "Hi jedhead ? can i ask if ok can you give me a followback from you ? =)) Jedhead too ! im new just a new user here =)"

done :) x

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Jedward on TodayFM on The Ray d’Arcy Show just a few minutes ago

Announcement: Calling all Jedheads! 

If you want to be a part of a fan vid for John and Edward, submit any photo, and as stated from my previous post, They do not have to be with Jedward.  Just have to be a fan of Jedward.”

So go and show your love and support for our John and Edward, submit your photos to 
http://alllovejedward.tumblr.com/submit or send it her email at AllLoveJedward@Gmail.com and tweet her at @all_lovejedward to confirm :) 

Spread the word! =:)

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Fanvid pics 


I still need more fan pics for the fanvid.  They do not have to be with Jedward.  Just have to be a fan of Jedward.  I will post a few examples… I will have the vid up this weekend…

Also taking ideas on music…

Lets support our twins…Eurovision is 1 month away and some evil people have already threatened their lives…send notes, pics, ANYTHING!!!!  Let’s make this a jepic vid for them!!!

You can e-mail them to AllLoveJedward@Gmail.com, post them in twitter, and mention me (@All_LoveJedward), or submit them to my tumblr.

Show them you love them…  :)

(sample pics up next)

"Keep Calm and Feel the Rush"

"Keep Calm and Feel the Rush"

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